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shiftplus_one is a graphic community shared by Stella and Chloe, also known as stellazeee and 50_fifty respectively. We mainly do icons, with the ocassional batch of banners or other random graphic-related things, if we feel like it (: Stella does icons of most things, like musicians and Chloe does icons of football and quotes. Both make graphics related to stock, scenery, celebrities and animanga too :D

> r u l e s!
- Credit would be awesome.
- Do not hotlink.
- Comments are much love!
- No flames, but concrit is appreciated.
- Do not reuse graphics as bases, etc.
- Please respect the wishes of the maker so everyone's happy ♥
- Use our graphics on Livejournal only, unless you have permission from the maker.

> s a m p l e s!


> a f f i l i a t e s!
inquisitory @ tacticons
pink_writer @ hanahata
ignored_tears @ rainfall_icons
jenipot06&ya_kun @ rooftop_icons

If you would like to affiliate with shiftplus_one, just leave a comment anywhere (:

> c r e d i t s!
Profile layout: reuted
Page layout, main and userinfo banners: stellazeee

Stella's resources!
Chloe's resources!

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